Fungi Nail Pen Review: The Powerfully Easy Way To Treat Nail Fungus


Are your nails thinning or developing black spots? Are they turning yellow, or even black? Are they painful to the touch, or developing keratin debris? Unfortunately, you have developed nail fungus, also known as onychomycosis.
Fungi Nail Brand Toe and Foot Pen Anti-Fungal Solution, 0.101 Fluid Ounce

Nail fungus is a common medical issue that usually originates from a variety of different sources, such as athlete’s foot, also known as tinea pedis, or from coming into direct contact with bacteria or mold. It is a notoriously difficult condition to treat and cause a lot of pain and strife.

Fortunately, the Fungi Nail Brand Toe and Foot Pen Anti-Fungal Solution is a fantastic treatment option that can help get rid of your nail fungus once and for all. It is perhaps the easiest fungus treatment available on the market today, thanks to the incredible pen brush applicator. Furthermore, the treatment is a fantastic value and is one of the lowest cost treatments available. Using the special pen brush applicator makes getting rid of your fungal infection easy! Continue reading below to discover why the Fungi Nail Pen Brush is a great treatment option for your nail fungus woes.

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Fungi Nail Brand Toe and Foot Pen Anti-Fungal Solution, 0.101 Fluid Ounce
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The Nail Pen is Easy To Use

The Fungi Nail Brand Toe and Foot Pen Anti-Fungal Solution utilizes an awesome pen brush applicator, which makes applying the solution a piece of cake! Just apply the special anti-fungal formula directly to the infected nail or nails using the coated pen brush, and the treatment will go to work helping destroy your nail fungus once and for all.

Moisture Block Technology Locks Medicine in Place

fungi nail pen brush applicator

The patented ClearGuard Moisture block Technology is powerful – it helps lock the anti-fungal formula in place by creating a water resistant barrier right in the nail and nail bed. This helps prevent the fungi from spreading to other nails or susceptible parts of the body.

Furthermore, the Moisture Block is water resistant, meaning you can go about your day without worrying about your nail fungus. Wash your hands, take a shower, do whatever you need to do while Fung Nail continues treating your nail fungus.

Get the Right Amount Where It’s Needed

An added benefit of the special nail pen is that it delivers the right amount of the formula directly to where it is needed. Other treatment options, such as foot soaks or even topical solutions lack the ability to be as precise as Fungi Nail. By applying the right amount directly to the infected site, Fungi Nail helps treat your fungal nail infection fast.

What Are The Ingredients in Fungi Nail?

The main active ingredient in the Fungi Nail is undecylenic acid, which is derived from castor oil. This compound is FDA Approved to help treat nail fungus, ringworm, athlete’s foot, and other skin conditions such as itching, cracking, and burning. Although rare, some users report a mild burning sensation from using the solution. Please discontinue treatment if this happens, or if you do not see any improvement after four weeks of continuous use.

What Are The Side Effects?

Although rare, some users report mild side effects when using Fungi Nail. The most common of these side effects is a mild burning sensation in the nail bed, or around the area the nail. If this continues, please consult your doctor and postpone treatment immediatley.

How Do You Use The Fungi Nail Pen Brush Applicator?

1. Clip And File Your Nails

fungi nail brandIt is vital that before starting any nail fungus treatment, you start by clipping and filing down your infected nail. This will help maximize the effectiveness of the Fungi Nail solution, and minimize the risk of fungi spreading to other nails or parts of your body. Sterilize any instruments that you use, and take extreme caution when disposing of your nail clippings. The last thing you want to do is come into direct contact with a fungal infection, because this can lead to the infection spreading to other nails.

2. Clean Your Nails

Next, thoroughly clean your nails in the shower. We recommend using a dedicated fungal soap, such as Pedifix Fungal Soap, if you have a solution available. If you don’t, standard shower soap is fine for now. Cleaning your nails with hot and soapy water will further wash away fungal debris and dead skin and maximize treatment effectiveness. After washing, make sure that you completely dry your nails. Fungi love moisture and can spread further if your nails are not completely dry.

3.  Prepare the Fungi Nail Pen

Remove the Fungi Nail pen from the box, and unwrap the safety seal located on the side of the pen. Remove the cap from the top of the pen, exposing the Fungi Nail applicator brush. Point the applicator brush downwards, and rotate the opposite end of the pen three times. This will create a clicking sound and coat the brush with the Fungi Nail anti-fungal solution. You are now ready to apply the solution to the infected spots.

4. Apply the Fungi Nail Pen Solution

Now that the pen is coated, apply the solution directly to the nail, cuticle, and nail bed. Make proper care to ensure that the formula comes into direct contact with the nail bed since this is where fungus originates from.

Continue to apply the formula twice a day (day and night) to clean nails to begin seeing results. Keep in mind that it may take most users up to a month to see results, and for extreme cases it will take even longer. Keep applying the Fungi Nail Pen solution even after the symptoms of the infected have gone away to ensure that it is completely gone.

Fungi Nail Pen Brush Positive and Negatives


  1. Super low price
  2. Easy to use, straightforward treatment
  3. Moisture blocking technology prevents spreading


  1. Best for mild to moderate cases of nail fungus, extreme suffers may need stronger treatment
  2. Users may need multiple pens to see results
  3. Some users experience minor burning sensation

Our Verdict

Although nail fungus is generally not thought of as being a serious disease, it can cause much pain, discomfort, and embarrassment. This is especially true when the sufferer has diabetes, or is older. Luckily, Fungi Nail Brand Toe and Foot Pen Anti-Fungal Solution is an awesome treatment option and can help you move towards living a fungus free life. The treatment is generally best suited for mild to moderate cases of nail fungus, although results vary. Keep in mind that while no treatment will provide relief overnight, the Fungi Nail Brand Solution will help you treat your fungal infection.

Treatment Results

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Fungi Nail Brand Toe and Foot Pen Anti-Fungal Solution, 0.101 Fluid Ounce

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  1. some of the best stuff around. thank you for the recommendation. i used this to get rid of some pesky athlete’s foot that was starting to creep up towards my nails.

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